John McMullen

Composer Librettist Playwright Lyricist

MFA Carnegie Mellon, MA San Franciso State
Past member: Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, American Theatre Critics Association, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle (reviews online, search "EyefromtheAisle")
Taught for a decade, Carnegie Mellon, City College of San Francisco, Los Medanos College
Plays: "Cheaters" (ATTACHED) "Horses," "Drinking Buddies" (all at New Play Exchange)                                                                                                                      Musical: Blood Tango the Musical"(ATTACHED script & links to music, and at
Novels: "The Penis Thief" (read 50 pages at ), The Kirke Saga I ("The Tears and the Fury), The Kirke Saga II ("Resolution), "Vlad Repentant: The Violent History and Repentance of Vlad Tepes"