Jeremy Kehoe


Jeremy hears voices that call him to create characters and place them on a quest. These characters heckle him until their voices muffle from roars to murmurs at the words “End Play”. Audiences have heard Jeremy’s voices at such shows as “Shamamonica” (Son of Semele/LA); “Movin’ On Up” (2016 New York Int’l Fringe Festival, 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival); “A Few Good PB&Js” (New Jersey Repertory Company/NJ); “God Help Us” (MonsterBox Theater/Pontiac, Mich); “Let’s Dance for a Little While” (Emerging Artists Theatre/NYC);  “Existential Magic Eight Ball” (Roots & Wings Theatrical/NYC; SkyPilot Theater Company/LA); “Urban Wash” (Emerging Artists); “Pitch Me” (Emerging Artists) “AMMO” (Hollywood Fringe Festival); “Car Play: She & Him” (Lounge Theatre/LA); “Killing Russell Crowe” (Group Repertory Theatre/LA); and “Banana Intervention” (Hollywood Fringe Festival). He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and a former newspaper editor and reporter, where he earned awards from the NAACP and the New England Press Association. As a freelance writer he has published articles in newspapers including the Houston Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Sacramento News & Review. Jeremy also strangled himself with a necktie as a PR executive for 10 years until the oxygen drained from his brain.