Jay Huling


Jay Huling is perhaps best known by the public for his irresistibly absurd comedy “Elvis of Nazareth,” which was featured in Hal Leonard Publications’ anthology “The Best American Plays,” published by Applause Books.

Yet, many Artistic Directors and theater insiders confess to a guilty pleasure for the bombastic audacity of “Plumber’s Butt” – Jay’s uproarious award-winning story of faith about a woman with multiple maladies who is suddenly healed when she sees the plumber bend over.

From infrequent theatergoers to rabid stage-door Johnnies, whoever the audiences are, they find Jay Huling’s plays to be rollicking, way-out entertainment. His plays have all the elements that appeal to lovers of comedy, satire, and anti-humor.

Whether it’s his happy-go-lucky full-length romps – such as “Twelve Bar Blues,” “The Sing Sing Suite,” “The Church of Diminishing Marginal Returns,” “Hard Luck Sings the Blues” – or his quick-witted one-acts – such as “The Wily Ray Riley,” “Bob Juan,” “Bonjour Raconteur,” “The Flaxen Miss Jackson” – Jay’s comedies are exciting, laugh-a-minute affairs.

His works have been honored with the Porter Fleming Literary Prize, the Premiere Performances International Playwriting Award, the McLaren Memorial Comedy Award, the Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence, the 14th Annual New Voice Play Festival’s Golden Curtain Award, and others. And his radio and television commercials have received national recognition for sales and creative ingenuity – including AME, AVA, ECHO, Effie, MarCom, MAXI, OBIE, PRSA, Silver Microphone, Stevie, Summit EMA, and Telly awards, as well as Best of Category (Public Service) at the International Wildlife Film Festival.

Jay Huling graduated from Jacksonville University, earning his BFA in Theatre Arts. You can visit his corporate website at www.jayhuling.com or his playwriting website at www.jayhuling.net.