Jane Jeffries


Jane Jeffries is a playwright and freelance writer based in Eau Claire, WI. She co-writes most of her plays with her husband Jim; they write serious as well as comedic plays. Jane is president of Jest Scripts, which sells their original madrigal dinner scripts (www.madrigaldinners.com).

Works have been published with Brooklyn Publishers, Heuer Publishers, Eldridge Plays, Pioneer Drama Service, and Lazy Bee Scripts in the UK. Works have been performed at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, most states in the U.S. and internationally.



Most recent published works:

Arrivals and Departures, Brooklyn Publishers
The Girl in the Red Hijab, Brooklyn Publishers
Fairy Tale Princess Game of Thrones, Brooklyn Publishers
Locked In, Brooklyn & Heuer Publishers
The Ninth Train, Pioneer Drama Service
Jack & the Frankenbeanstalk, Pioneer Drama Service
Tech Week, Eldridge Plays
Real Desperate Housewives of Shakespeare, Eldridge Plays
Screenagers, Eldridge Plays