Jim Maher

Composer Playwright Lyricist

Jim Maher is Bay Area, CA composer and playwright. He has written three musicals “Workforce”, “The Invisible Man”, and “Hero” (currently in progress). “The Invisible Man” was performed at the Martinez Campbell Theater, Martinez, CA between June 24 – July 3, 2022. Workforce has had two theater readings in 2019 but still looking for its first stage performance. Jim is a self-taught compose and musician who has a lifelong interest in music and songwriting. He participated in jazz and rock in roll bands while in college and after moving up to the Bay Area. Now in retirement he is pursuing a second career in theatre composition. Other musical accomplishments include three studio albums “Moonlighting the Bay”, “Malaga Way”, and children’s music “Finnegan and the O’Hares”. He is currently volunteering as the Finance Manager at the Martinez Campbell Theater where he also worked as the Marketing Director.