James E Burnside


I was a gamer before there were gamers.  I was raised a naturalist, a scientist, a chess player, but at seventeen, I knew I wanted to write fiction.  In college, I studied geology, math, engineering, and read books about theatre history and married the love of my life.  We had babies.  I fixed fighter jets and wrote poetry.  Then our son died.  There was a long silence.  Ten years as a commuter cyclist gave me time to think... and dream.  Books on art theory, Dada, Surrealism, Theater of Cruelty, became my companions.  I read Aristophanes and I wrote screenplays that got smaller and smaller.  The stage seemed the only solution.  I joined ScriptWorks and participated in a 10-minute play writing contest, and my play about President Gerald Ford went on stage and the director transformed it into a dance that delighted me.  I am now a ScriptWorks Board member and on the Board of TILT Performance Group.  I love going to staged readings of new work and talking to writers about keepin’ on, keepin’ on.  I have had more productions and I am always surprised and thrilled by how smart, friendly, and hard working theatre people are and how difficult the theatre is.


Disabled Vet Foster Parent to young women (13-21 years of age) Successes & Productions:

  1. Moondance International Film Festival 2007 - Finalist “The War Against California”
  2. BlueCat Screenplay Competition 2008 - Semi-Finalist “20th Century Limited”
  3. Out of Ink 2013 - “Proclamation 4311” Full Production, 10-Minute Play
  4. FronteraFest Short Fringe 2013 - Best of the Week “Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol”  Full Production, One-Act Play
  5. FronteraFest Short Fringe 2014 - “Go Home, Mister Chaplin”  Full Production, One-Act Play
  6. Rover Dramawerks 2014 - “Admiral of the Arizona Navy” 365 Women a Year Playwright Staged Readings, One-Act Play
  7. The Overtime Theatre 2014 -“The Canard of Vaucanson”  Full Production,  Full-length Play
  8. Rabbit Riot Theatre Company (Ireland), Our Generation 2016 Festival - “Mrs. Wagner’s Pies”  Full Production, Short Play
  9. Noveau47 Theatre Company (Dallas, TX) Festival 2016 - “Little Tin Horns and Little Toy Guns,” Full Production scheduled Dec. 9-23, 10-Minute Holiday Play
  10. IATI Theatre (New York City) Play Development Workshop 2017 - “Riveted Rosie” Staged Reading, Full Length Play
  11. Austin One-Minute Play Festival 2014, 2015, 2016