Georgina H.L. Escobar

Librettist Playwright

Georgina Escobar is a Mexican & American playwright and maker of sci-femme narratives, ultra-human mythos and Frontera-funk stories. She works textually with the impossible to excavate Latin American perspectives & create genre-fiction with heart. She is a MacDowell, Djerassi Artist, & La Mama Umbria artist, and recipient of the Kennedy Center's Darrell Ayers Award. Her work has been featured in the Kilroys List (Stone Heart), The Texas Review (Matted), Los Bárbaros (Pies Pa' Que), McSweeney’s "I Know What's Best For You" (Monsters We Create), Climate Change Theatre Action's "Lighting The Way" (A Dog Loves Mango) and New Passport Press (Cósmica, Translator). Her plays have been produced across the USA and internationally in Mexico, UK, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden. Her work has been performed at INTAR, New York Children’s Theatre, Project Y, Clubbed Thumb, Lincoln Center, Bushwick Starr (NY), Two Rivers, Milagro, Aurora Theatre and the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center.