Faye Hollins-Moore


I have been a freelance writer since my first byline in San Diego Woman Magazine in 1985.  Since then, I was an award-winning reporter for McGraw-Hill Publishing and a weekly columnist for a major San Diego newspaper (5 editions with 200,000 readership).   And I currently teach writing under contract with the City of Vista, California.  I've written three books and two plays (both of which were performed onstage).  My third book is about homelessness.  I was injured years ago and it forced me to retire from business.  It also rendered me periodically homeless; and, as a result, I've lived in six shelters in two years.  The book is titled, "Hitting The Pavement: A Journalist's 2-Year Memoir of Homelessness" and it is available on Amazon.com (both Paperback & Kindle).     I am currently working to adapt the book into a two-act play. titled, "Weightlessness!!" (because the homeless, as a rule, have no address, no income, no credit, and so on, they are weightless!).    The play is currently in development with a premiere set for Winter, 2019. See Details at www.fayehollinsmoore.com and the play's website at www.weightlessness.biz.


One of my plays was based on the music of a local composer and lyricist, named Kent Horner (see www.kenthorner.net) titled, "Secrets in the Sand" (see www.secretsinthesand.com)..  I took the songs out of sequence and wrote this musical tribute to the heroes of 9/11.  It was performed at the 1,200 seat Performing Arts Center in El Cajon, California.  The City liked the premise of the play so much, they let us use their 1,200 seat theater: at no charge.  Their only stipulation was that we honor their local heroes deployed overseas.  The title is "Secrets in the Sand" and the music ranges from ballads to rock'n roll. (See Details at www.fayehollinsmoore.com and www.secretsinthesand.com).