Faye Hollins-Moore


I have been a freelance writer since my first byline in San Diego Woman Magazine in 1985.  Since then, I was an award-winning reporter for McGraw-Hill Publishing and a weekly columnist for a major San Diego newspaper (5 editions with 200,000 readership).   And I currently teach writing under contract with the City of Vista, California.  I've written three books and two plays (both of which were performed onstage).  My third book is about homelessness.  I was injured years ago and it forced me to retire from business.  It also rendered me periodically homeless; and, as a result, I've lived in six shelters in two years.  The book is titled, "Hitting The Pavement: A Journalist's 2-Year Memoir of Homelessness" and it is available on Amazon.com (both Paperback & Kindle).     I am currently working to adapt the book into a two-act play. titled, "Weightlessness!!" (because the homeless, as a rule, have no address, no income, no credit, and so on, they are weightless!).    The play is currently in development with a premiere set for Winter, 2019. See Details at www.fayehollinsmoore.com and the play's website at www.weightlessness.biz.