Manny Buckey


Daring writer of scriptworks that confront complex, controversial social issues shied away from by the majority of playwrights seen in the Chicagoland area. Versatile writer of drama and comedy, solo plays, short plays and full lengths, with an emphasis on intersections of American history, current events, race, sexuality, gender and social structures. Passionate for the creation of new works that explore the past through the deepest of human emotions, marginalized identities and struggles. Committed to incorporating music, dance and art into drama to reflect America's idealized past in front of its troubled present.






•"Gender Reveal" dir. by Cheryl Graeff (A comic short play that explores the role of gender and power, through the lens of vampires at a gender reveal party.)

•"Night, Dad" dir. by Alexander St. John (A dramatic short play dealing with a trans teenager contemplating suicide in a chance encounter with his foster dad.)

•"Orphans of God" dir. by Alexander St. John (A dramatic short in which a pregnant lawyer confronts a priest about denying she and her wife an adoption, because of the church's rejection based on their sexuality.)

•"A Queer King in Homecoming Court" dir. by Rinska Prestinary (A tragic-comedy solo short about a trans teenager elected prom king who takes ownership of his identity by accepting himself.)



•"Nyfuxitol" dir. by Tasia A. Jones (A short addressing complacency about American politics and the economy through a drug from Big Pharma that makes users not care.)

•"Social Greedia" dir. by Anna Trachtmann (A short about the need for attention, and the harmful effects of social media.)

•"Nanny" dir. Anna by Trachtmann (A short about the power structures of wealth and privilege.)

•"I Just Need To Pee" dir. by Scott Weinstein (A short confronting the egregious trans bathroom policies still plaguing some communities.)



•"A Change of A Dress" dir. by Manny Buckley (A one act play dealing with three vignettes on trans issues.)

•"The North Star" dir. by Susan Bowen (A full length solo show about Frederick Douglass' life as a slave, writer, publisher, abolitionist, civil rights advocate and politician. To be one of the most comprehensive pieces of drama to date about the important man's accomplishments, and famous historical figures with which he had interactions.)