Elaine Liner


Elaine Liner is a Dallas, Texas, playwright, novelist and creative mentor. Her play Finishing School won the 2017-18 American Association of Community Theatres NewPlay Fest and had its world premiere at the Elkhart Civic Theatre in Bristol, Indiana, in September 2017.

Elaine made her debut as a playwright and solo performer in August 2013 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a full-fringe run of Sweater Curse: A Yarn about Love at the Sweet Grassmarket venue. She returned for a second run at EdFringe 2014 and toured with the show for two years including runs at Dallas Solo Fest, New Orleans Fringe, Granbury Opera House and the Classic Theatre in San Antonio.

Besides writing plays, Elaine has written two books. 107 Publicity Boosters That Work is a step-by-step guide to getting positive publicity whether you're an actor, writer, comedian or other creative entrepreneur. 2084: An American Parable, published in July 2017, looks at a future America where Christian prayer is mandated by law and only one extremely rightwing party runs the government -- it's dystopian fiction with a dash of hope at the end.

As a creative mentor, Elaine has helped many other playwrights get their work onto stages across the US, including at Dallas Solo Fest, Edinburgh Fringe, Capitol Fringe and other festivals.