“Toklas’ gnomic utterances take on as much emotional depth as Stein’s manner of speaking denies them, and surprises us in revealing the cost beneath the camp” (CRITICS PICK)
—The New York Times on The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein

“Challenging, thought-provoking.” (FOUR STARS)
—Time Out New York on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

“One of the most startlingly intense shows I’ve seen.” (FOUR STARS)
—Time Out New York on The God Projekt

“A layered and darkly laced concoction.” (CRITICS PICK)
—The New York Times on The Pig
“The laughter feels like spring in Fairy Tales of the Absurd….Almost unbearably funny” (CRTICS PICK)
—The New York Times on Fairy Tales of the Absurd

“Exquisitely ingenious…truly enchanting”
—The New York Times on Unauthorized Magic

“A striking theater piece, optimally staged”
—TheaterMania on The Lathe of Heaven

“Tasteful and thought-provoking…played for irony, contradiction and some bawdy humor.”
—Musical America on The Velvet Oratorio

“An inspired absurdist comedy…side effects may include hilarity, we are told (It’s definitely contagious)
—The Village Voice on Linguish

“Edward Einhorn’s brisk direction crackles with life and energy”
—The New York Times on Pangs of the Messiah

“Don’t ever take a stock tip from a critic, but this one looks like a buy”
—New York Magazine on Money Lab

“Hilarious, provocative”
—The Village Voice on Money Lab

“An act of fan love but also dramatically shrewd.” (CRITICS PICK)
—The New York Times on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

“Slyly written…often beautiful”
—The New York Times on The Velvet Oratorio

“The story moves along effortlessly…[The Parrot-Ox] is a wonderful creature, chock-full of personality.
—School Library Journal on Paradox in Oz

“Funny, fantastical, it moves quickly along…”
—Booklist on A Very Improbable Story

“This fills a need and thoroughly entertains….the pages simply ooze with the aura of a great mystery…”
—Kirkus on Fractions in Disguise (STARRED)