9/11: Undying Love by Ed ‘Tiger’ Verdin

9/11: Undying Love is a new dramatic play about a couple whose lives become interwined with the attacks on America on September 11, 2001. Alexandra & Ethan anticipate a romantic evening together to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Ethan preempts the night’s festivities with a surprise morning visit to his wife’s office located on the 85th floor of Tower 2 of the World Trade Center. Alexandra and Ethan travel on an extraordinarily emotional journey as their peaceful and playful world collides with the violence of the September 11th attacks. 9/11:Undying Love is a work of historical fiction that aims to explore the real and powerful ways that families were effected by the September 11th attacks on America.


The Forgotten Healer by Ed “Tiger” Verdin

The Forgotten Healer rewrites and corrects Louisiana history with Dr. Emma Wakefield finally receiving proper recognition through the State of Louisiana in November 2018 after her history was erased and almost forgotten.  Thanks to the works of Dr. Phebe Hayes and the Iberia African American Historical Society her story came to life.  As Louisiana’s First African American Female Doctor, Dr. Emma Wakefield, was born to a prominent family in New Iberia, Louisiana which was a hot bed of racial injustice in the mid to late 1800’s which was being documented in newspapers throughout the country.   Her father, Samuel Wakefield, Sr. would become one of Louisiana’s first African American Senators and brother A.J. Wakefield would be Iberia Parishes first African American Clerk of Court (still in dispute).   After her father’s alleged suicide (2 shots) the family would be thrust into a world of chaos as her 19 year old brother Sammie Jr. would be lynched by mass shooting after defending himself from the evilness of a white man named James Trainor.   The family was banished from New Iberia by “Whites” as signed by a post nailed to the Wakefield home.   Finding their way to New Orleans, Louisiana her love of Louisiana with determination and faith on her side would have her enroll in Straight College (now Dillard University) and then graduating New Orleans University with honors in 1897.