Dorian Taylor


Dorian Taylor is an artist, performance maker, writer and scholar. She is a 2020 graduate of Columbia College Chicago's MFA in European Devised Performance Practice, a Lecoq-based program of devised and physical theatre, and performance studies. She spent her first year at Arthaus Berlin International School (formerly LISPA) with Thomas Prattki, former pedagogical director of the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris, and his international team, and her second year at Columbia College Chicago with Michael Brown, Dr. John Green and their Chicago-area team. Areas of focus:

  • Movement, movement analysis
  • Embodied dramaturgy, music, art and writing
  • Improvisation, voice/singing, rhythm, acrobatics
  • Neutral, larval and expressive mask performance, mask-making
  • Storytelling, character creation, clown, puppetry, platform
  • Collaborative/ensemble and solo devising
  • Theatre festival production

Dori also holds a BA, Communication and Information Studies – Media Arts from California State University, Chico. Areas of focus:

  • Field and studio video production, editing/post
  • Broadcast television news production
  • Broadcast radio production
  • Audio production – voiceover, narration, editing
  • Screenwriting, audio scriptwriting
  • Photography
  • Additional studies: business, management information systems