Donald Baker



Born in Indiana, Donald E. Baker began writing plays after retiring with his husband to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After retiring with his husband to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, he began writing plays about historical events to provide context for today’s American experience.

He has long been fascinated by the story of Ku Klux Klan dominance of Indiana in the 1920’s and two of his full-length plays on that subject have been produced. Trade With Klan: A Play About Choices, on the life-altering decisions forced on ordinary people by the Klan, received a full production by Southwest Theater Productions in Austin, Texas, in January-February, 2020 and was been published by Next Stage Press ( in 2021.

 A radio adaptation of his play Grand Dragon in Power, about the downfall of the Klansman who ruled Indiana, was performed by Radio Theatre Project in St. Petersburg, Florida, in March, 2018, and is available on Soundcloud; the play itself received a staged reading by Panglossian Productions of Williamsburg, Virginia, in November, 2020, and is available on their Facebook page. The stage play was published by Next Stage Press ( in 2022.

He has also written a number of short plays and monologues. They have enjoyed productions in Washington state, Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Baker’s plays may be found online at the Playwrights’ Center, at New Play Exchange at, and on his website


Publication: Trade With Klan: A Play About Choices, Next Stage Press, April , 2021

Production: Trade With Klan: A Play About Choices, Southwest Theatre Productions, Austin, Texas, January-February, 2020.

Production: Radio adaptation of Grand Dragon in Power, Radio Theatre Project, St. Petersburg, Florida, March, 2018.

Online Production: Intestate: A COVID-19 Monologue, Talking Horse Productions, Columbia, Missouri (May, 2021).

Online Publication: Intestate: A COVID-19 Monologue, some scripts literary magazine, Issue 4: “Outbreak” (July, 2021).

Online Production: Ice Box Cake and the Man from Lima, Stage Left Theater, Spokane, Washington (October, 2021).

Production: Intestate: A COVID-19 Monologue, Magnolia Arts Center, Greenville, North Carolina (February, 2022). Voted "Audience Favorite."

Online Production: The Boys Across the Street, Stage Left Theater, Spokane, Washington (March, 2022).

Production (scheduled): I Invited Your Mother for Thanksgiving, Chapin Theatre Company, Chapin, South Carolina (November, 2021).