Dominic D'Andrea


Dominic Antonio D’Andrea is a writer, director, producer, and community engagement professional. Dominic is the director of community engagement at Queens Theatre, and since COVID has served as producer of digital programming for Queens Theatre, producing over 80 unique events since March. He served as the first ever regional ambassador for the Hudson Valley, where he spent his time and energy coalition-building, asset mapping, creating live and digital programming, and advocating for HV playwrights on a local and national level for resources, artistic funding, and visibility. He’s the founder and outgoing Producing Artistic Director of The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) one of the country’s most recognizable and consistent community-engaged theatre projects, making work at the intersection of art, community dialogue, education, & social justice. He’s led 300+ national engagements in over 35 cities and communities, ranging from the Broadway community, LORT Theatres, NNPN Theatres, playwright orgs, small professional theatres, schools, incarcerated populations, immigrant groups, young people, retired communities, communities in crisis, and other groups grappling with specific questions. 1MPF recently produced a series of 650 international rapid-response international one-minute plays over 11 days called The Coronavirus Plays Project, which was open to DG members and communities around the world on Zoom; BA (ODK Honors), The University of Maryland, College Park; Masters in Applied Theatre, CUNY; Shakespeare Studies, Harvard (Current); 3x SDC Observership, Lincoln Center/Chicago/LA Directors Labs; MTC Directing Fellowship; Albee Foundation Playwright Fellowship; SPACE@Ryder Farm Creative Solutions Social Justice Residency; Guest artist at over 10 universities and colleges; Master Artist at The Kennedy Center/ACTF; Citizen Citations from The City of Providence, The MD State House of Delegates, and The Senate.  Dominic is the proud son of immigrants, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, and lives in The Hudson Valley with his family.


Regional Rep: New York State

I’m thrilled and honored to be elected to serve as the new regional representative for the State of New York; and, I’m honored to be following in the footsteps of my colleague Donna Hoke, who has done such excellent work for our members in the state. For the past 2 years I’ve served as the first regional ambassador for The Hudson Valley in NY, where as a community, we’ve focused on rigorous asset mapping of all of the artistic centers, communities, new play hubs, and funding opportunities, as well as instituting Footlights, master classes, town halls, and partnerships with adjacent orgs. We’ve built a strong base and presence to serve our members in the region, as well as include artistic leaders, elected officials, and at-large community members in the conversation. I also work as the director of community engagement for Queens Theatre, and very much view the work of the rep as a community-engaged position. I look forward to widening the lens of this work we’ve been doing together to include the members and communities in the rest of the state. We live in strange times: COVID 19, political unrest, a tense election year, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a jarring pause of all in-person work in our industry. Things are rapidly changing in our culture. I look forward to this next year of helping to facilitate a culture of robust online work, community-building, continuing education, conversation, and action with our members. We have a lot of work to do, and a lot to learn from each other. I believe in our power as storytellers, and what we might build together. Thank you for this opportunity!