Dedrick Weathersby

Playwright Lyricist

Dedrick Weathersby a Longview Texas native and now San Francisco resident. A Multiple Broadway World Awards Winner for Best Lead Actor in a Musical, Original Script  and Best Solo performance. Recently, Dedrick has become a 2022 Emmy Award Winner in The category of "Interview Discussion" with Theatre Corner on PBS/KPBS. As a child, his dream was to become a professional actor/singer and impact the world and his community through story telling and music. Years and dreams later, he's living that dream and still has more to do.

Dedrick is a proud member of Actors Equity Union, a union for professional stage actors. Additionally, he's become a member of SAG-AFTRA.

While not on stage or recording music, Dedrick is an accomplished author of 5 published books; his recent success would be "Fabrics" a 20 day affirmation book, available at Amazon and other digital store platforms.

Dedrick is the proud owner of Weathersby Productions LLC and Executive Director of Super Bad Theater Company. Dedrick is a firm believer, if you remember those humble beginnings, you can use each moment for future endeavors.

Dedrick debuted 'Remembering James'- The Life and Music of James Brown in February 2019 with the collaboration of Boxcar Theatre and the Creators of Speakeasy San Francisco. Embarked on a National Tour from 2019-2020 (Pre-Pandemic) and performed over 40 Shows.  Dedrick is forever thankful for Boxcar Theatre for taking a chance on this production when noone else would.

Dedrick recently concluded what became a 3 year national tour stint with Remembering James. New shows are coming, be on the lookout.


"I can’t say enough good things about Dedrick Weathersby as James Early. Better than fantastic, phenomenal. Think the looks and presence of Denzel Washington, with the voice and moves of James Brown."

Greg Schaper - Professional Critic Reviewer in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area

“James “Thunder” Early, played with exceptional energy and presence by Dedrick Weathersby of San Francisco, whose star turn is initially backed by the Dreamettes but eventually spirals down to a manic — yet constantly watchable — washout performer.”
Rick Pender - City Beat

Praise from fans for Remembering James:

  • “We have seen James Brown perform and Dedrick Weathersby has him down.”

  • “Weathersby’s performance was spot on and fantastic.”

  • “The band was great and there wasn’t a song that I would want to have hear that they missed.”

  • “If you are a James Brown fan and even if you’re not you should see this show.”

  • “Highly recommend and the guy who plays James Brown (Dedrick Weathersby) is definitely a talent you dont want to miss, his band is awesome as well.”

  • “Weathersby’s Brown is so on-point and real, I used Shazam to see if James Brown would show up as the performer of the songs because Weathersby nailed it.” —Reelkev Arts


Honors and Awards

*2022 Emmy Award Winner in the category of "Interview Discussion" with Theater Corner on PBS/KPBS

* Broadway World Awards 2020,2021 &2022 Winner "Best Solo Performance" , Best Musical,  Best Lead in a Musical and Best Script in Remembering James- The Life and Music of James Brown. 

* Broadway World 2013 and 2014 nomination for "Person to Watch"/ "Best Actor in a Musical"

* Broadway World Awards 2017 and 2018 Winner for "Best lead actor in a musical", "Best Lead actor in a play","Best solo performance". 

* 2014, 2015 and 2016 Theater Bay Area nomination for Best Male Principal/supporting Actor in a Musical     

* Martin Luther King Jr. 1st place Monologue  
* Young Director of the Year Award
* Political and Inspirational Ursula Award for short film

* Spiritual Ursula Award Winner for Feature Play Film

* 02/26/15 Marked Dedrick "Hollywood" Weathersby Day in Hallsville TX