David Meth


I am an award-winning playwright and novelist who writes about people caught between cultures and NYC. My work has been produced nationally and internationally. Much more about my work is on my website: DavidMeth.com

In 2009, I received and Artistic Fellowship from the State of Connecticut for my play, TO THE DEATH OF MY OWN FAMILY, which has had startling reactions here and abroad. My play, ARTY'S POOLROOM (formerly THE BROKEN DOWN VALISE), was an O'Neill finalist. My play, 9/12, about the loss of civil liberties after 9/11 was part of Culture Project's (NYC) first Impact Festival and won the 2008 Peace Writing International Award. During the intermission and after the play, people came up to me to ask if what they saw could happen: It is now occurring daily with visceral impact. My next play is called, FACES, to challenge the ethics of killing abroad, as America polices the world with our military and our morality. I am also a staunch advocate for the rights of playwrights.