DC Copeland


D.C. Copeland's full-length “dancical” Jitterbug! has had two NYC readings. The first was at the prestigious National Black Theater in Harlem. The second was at the Emerging Artists Theatre (EAT) Festival. Both were directed by noted actress, teacher, and playwright Petronia Paley. That reading had dance numbers by Emmy-nominated choreographer Jeffrey Page. Performed at the Tada! Youth Theatre in NYC, it sold out and also received a standing-O. You can learn more about Jitterbug! at www.jittrbug.net

Victoria Parke is a full-length, 7-character play about a retired actress living out a desperate life on the edge of poverty and senility who has taken it upon herself to become the director of a street theatre troupe made up of seniors who, like her, haven’t given up living. Yet.

Guns, Guts, & Gucci is a short 1-act play set in a craft beer bar where a “mature” man comes in looking for a job. Dismissed and dissed by the hipster bartender, he gets help from a mysterious “mature” woman wielding a Ruger LC9 handgun and a license to kill using her stiletto heels. Working for a top-secret government agency, she's charged with getting the man that job based on his merits despite his age. With commentary by Rod Serling.

The Milli Vanilli Codec. A 1-act play set 400-years in the future where there is only one race, a coffee-and-cream colored human called Mocha. Mankind has voted to implant itself with a chip connected to World Management’s NeuralNet, the final iteration of the Internet. Once connected, you’re part of the happy hive where everyone gets daily doses of serotonin administered through the chip. Hidden in a song, the Milli Vanilli Codec is the Resistance’s self-mutating file designed to get past NeuralNet’s firewall. It's up to Trevon and Jazmin to make that happen. Too bad the world likes things just the way they are. Too bad World Management is watching.

Rehab the Musical.  A Felliniesque look at the lives of seven celebrities as they battle drugs, alcohol, and each other while in rehab. Set in a famous LA rehab center founded by a world-renown addiction therapist, it centers on Whinny Amstelhouse, a global pop star with a four-foot-tall beehive hairdo and a host of addictions as high as her hair as she battles them and an addicted and imprisoned husband while facing down a troubled history of parental abuse-- through song and dance. As do her six fellow patients with addiction histories of their own: Britney Speared, Paris Tilton, Hitme Houston, Robert Downhill, Jr., Smell Gibson, and Nicked Nolte. Some find a way out of their own personal hell, some don't as they transverse a surreal world of giant hypodermic needles and cocktail glasses, mountains of coke, and enough cigarettes and pot to make you think you're watching some kind of smoke-filled film noir nightmare-- but in color with lots of singing, some occasional dancing, and an always in-your-face anti-addiction message. Co-writer with Robin Hunter Stuart (story/songs) and Eric Tetrault.    https://rehabthemusical.weebly.com/

Copeland is currently writing the libretto for Fajardo: The Beat Goes On. It's based on the true story of a drug-addicted kid from the Bronx with a rap sheet a mile long who grows up and revolutionizes ballroom dancing. Produced by Tully Creative.