Curtis Powell

Composer Librettist Playwright Lyricist

Composer, playwright, sound designer, actor, and author - Curtis received his MA from Northwestern University in Performance Studies. Four of his full-length musicals have been produced by Chicago area theatres; Trafford Tanzi (score), Chronic Malcontents (book, lyrics and score), Waking Lazarus (book, lyrics and score), Fairways (score). He recently completed his fifth musical, Morality Play (score), in collaboration with Janet Burroway, as well as his first stage play Derecho.  Acting roles in Chicago include the title role in Titus Andronicus, Albert Einstein in Thee Trinity, and Ace in The Royal Society of Antarctica. Curtis’ latest sound designs were featured in Saturday Night Sunday Morning at Steppenwolf Theatre, Deirdre of the Sorrows at City Lit Theatre, and Sylvester at Lifeline Theatre. Curtis is also co-author of The Disposable Visionary: A Survival Guide for Change Agents. He is the founder and Chief Executive Artist for BizArtistry, a collective of artists who help businesses and non-profits discover and tell their most compelling stories.

  • Composer: Five full-length musicals. All musical genres, from 15th Century to Ska.
  • Playwright: Two musicals and one non-musical play. Write in the gritty, dark and humorous Chicago style.
  • Sound designer:  Productions in California, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, New York, Iowa, and D.C.
  • Author: The Disposable Visionary