Cullen Knight

Composer Librettist Playwright Lyricist

Jazz master, Composer, Playwright, and Producer Cullen Knight is “The Quintessential 21st Century Renaissance Man”.  Mr. Knight’s trumpet virtuosity and his extensive experience and accomplishments in a variety of undertakings speak for themselves throughout the World Wide Web!

          Cullen Knight, a native Philadelphian, was born and raised on “The Golden Strip” Columbia Avenue, a jazz Mecca in the 1940s, 50s, and early 1960s.  “The Strip” (for short) was an apex in the Jazz World during this period.

          The Jazz Master composed the music and produced his first recording session at the age of twenty.  Cullen Knight’s 1978 “Looking Up” album on Tree Top Records is a Jazz Classic and a Collector’s Item.  The viewing of Mr. Knight’s celebrated 1995 Philadelphia History of Jazz documentary “The Golden Strip” is an annual event for the prestigious “Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and The Performing Arts.”  Mr. Knight’s 2017 Book and Jazz Audio Book “ONCE YOU FALL IN LOVE / The LOVE of LIFE” the story behind his Musical “LIFE, DEAL WITH IT, LIVE! Some do… some don’t” is available at ( along with other collectibles.

Note: The Jazz Audiobook is a landmark—The First-of-Its-Kind!

        Cullen Knight has a notable library of original works.  Touch base and find out what the Jazz Innovator is currently up to—Hurry along Slowly—and Check out (