Crystal Jackson


CRYSTAL JACKSON is a near-futurist playwright whose work has been developed or produced by Kitchen Dog Theater, Science Fiction Theatre Company, Shelterbelt, Gene Frankel Theatre, Great Plains Theater Conference, EstroGenius, Revolution Theatre, MadLab, Subversive Theatre, and Six of One Productions. Her plays THE SINGULARITY and PLEASE REMOVE THIS STUFFED ANIMAL FROM MY HEAD are published by Original Works. Crystal is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America and caretaker of the FIGHT STUPIDIZATION campaign, which evidently needs to step it up.


The Last Truck Stop

Cast: 4

Cars are outlawed, the West Coast is closed, and everyone is forced to live in corporate housing in the city. Well, almost everyone. When the few remaining residents of Truth or Consequences, NM get their eviction order, Gladys, the last human long-haul trucker, and Uncle Hank, her poetic postal carrier, have to make a difficult decision. In this 1975-meets-2045 tale of loss and renewal, the surveillance state faces its toughest challenge—our deep-seated desire to hit the open road.

UPCOMING WORLD PREMIERE: Kitchen Dog Theater, June 2023

The Singularity

Cast: 4–7
Astrid, a single lesbian of a certain age, put off motherhood until the absolute last second. Now on her final egg, she has less than 48 hours to acquire the other vital ingredient for conception. Her quest takes her from a brightly lit hospital and a neon-bathed back alley clinic to a seedy bar and a pass at her best friend, but all efforts fail. Thanks to an awkward young scientist, she gets her hands on a small container of dark matter, a fundamental building block of the universe. With the clock running out and no options left, she decides to improvise with a turkey baster full of the stuff. And it works. Quickly. In just a couple of weeks, she's expanded to three times her normal size. Her baby is coming early, and its arrival has implications for us all.

  • "A biting satire about the world today" Omaha World Herald "You may howl with laughter, bursting at the seams" The Reader
  • "Smashing the patriarchy with satire...THE SINGULARITY is a funny show. It’ll have you laughing even as you cross your legs and wince." - The New England Theatre Geek
  • "Wonderfully weird" -
  • Named one of the top 10 best theater experiences of 2015 by Omaha World Herald

Please Remove This Stuffed Animal From My Head

Cast: 4
A man visits the Bureau for Stuffed Animal Removal in hopes of getting permission to remove the small stuffed lion that recently appeared on his head, but they think it would be a good idea if he keeps it instead. When he insists on getting the procedure, he finds it comes with a severe long-term side effect.

  • "A rich metaphor for the plights of a pregnant woman... this clever play begs for and grabs your attention." - Talkin' Broadway
  • "Cutting, funny... and politically ferocious." - The Pitch (Kansas City)