C. J. Ehrlich

Playwright Lyricist Librettist

C.J. Ehrlich's award-winning plays have had more than 200 productions, in 35 US states and on five continents. They are published in The Best American Short Plays of 2014-15 (Applause/Hal Leonard), in 8 volumes of Smith & Kraus' annual Best Ten-Minute Plays anthologies (between 2011 and 2020), and by Heuer . Produced full-lengths include THE CUPCAKE CONSPIRACY: Terrorism is Easy. Marriage is Complicated (with Philip J. Kaplan), ZANE TO GATE 69, and THE MALTESE BABKA. C.J. is currently working toward an MFA in Screenwriting and Screenwriting History, and is developing her screenplay Stupid Voices from the Future (What if the future called, but it was the wrong number?). Please visit CJ-Ehrlich.com.