Patriotic letter of support   
The PBS Documentary the Vietnam War (Produced by Ken Burns and Florentine Films) is a monumental achievement of all the good, the bad, and ugly parts of the Vietnam War.  The human side of the documentary displayed immense heroism by the American military and other heroic countries of support. It also demonstrated clearly the politization of the government, showing the flipping policies that constantly altered the direction of the war, and lastly and yet so very important the demonstration movements of for and against the war from within America that has contrasted and shaped our Nations policies right to this present day.    
Similarly, The Veterans, Military Teller and Listener documentary screen play, and Theater Play is a good news documentary portraying guided support systems of positive transformation.  This documentary play allows veterans military and civilians to literally transpose and change negative life stories, though the processes of positive turnaround courses of action, permanently transforming the participants with the documentary’s affirmational resource techniques.    

The Documentary Play “changes Lives” like this.
Veterans and military go through a transitioning to square their service to their country. Because of the many stresses of adjusting and adapting back to civilian life the potential for untruths of negativity about one’s service can arise.
All negative stories also have hidden gifts in them. The gift?  Despite the tough times, you made it through them. The documentary play identifies many gifts that can be drawn upon to release the sticky effects of any negative story. The Good News Documentary Play provides lifelong positive changes which VMLP calls, “Sustainable Positive Wellbeing”.

                                     PATRIOTIC INVITATION;

The Vietnam War Documentary received the support from organizations and people who believed that their influence meant the formation of a much better understanding of the hardships and triumphs that took place during those turbulent years, showing what was, what could be, and what will be.
The VMLP Teller and Listener Documentary play is a Pass It Forward mission having huge potential to help lower the suicide rate among veterans and active military. (20 suicides a day.)  VMLP’s goal 0.     
Also providing the distribution to 22 million veterans, military, families    and friends, by having the production being performed and seen in local playhouses, PBS and social media outlets all around the country.    
 The Saint Christopher effect
As a supporter and for all the things one can do for themselves, their family, there business or organization and country, being a supporter of the Veterans Military Teller and listening play brings out the invisible bond of patriotism, rendering it visible for the benefit of our veterans, military, and ourselves.

Thank you very much.
Providing organized, turnaround, uplifting and positive support resources for our Veterans and Military in such a manner to create positive and permanent transformation in themselves and their community.       

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