Carl J Grasso


Carl J. Grasso is an actor, playwright, and member of the Dramatist Guild. Mr. Grasso has been acting and writing for more than twenty-five years, and recently directed his short film “The Envelope” which was a finalist in the Film and Screenplay Contest of 2020. In addition, Mr. Grasso has been producing and acting in Radio Podcasts such as Audiophiles presents: “Mythos on a Train,” where he wrote, produced, and directed. Mr. Grasso has dozens of projects in the works and is excited to explore more avenues to flex his talent.


The Envelope link:

This film I star in and I wrote and directed.

Link to a show I wrote for Hall of Shadows radio:

Link to my show I directed, produced and wrote:
Mythos on a Train link:

Cary, North Carolina theater festival: (ongoing)
I directed this:
Picky Zombies:

I star in these:
After the Hereafter