Bryan Harnetiaux

Playwright Dramatist

Bryan is currently serving as the Eastern Washington Dramatist Guild Ambassador for the Northwest Region, on behalf of Regional Representative Kate Danley.


I’m delighted to be the regional ambassador working with our representative, Kate Danley.  I’ve been writing plays since 1977 and am principally a product of community theatre, having served as the Spokane Civic Theatre playwright-in-residence since 1982.  I’ve been lucky enough to author over 40 plays, 13 of which have been published, and have been produced in community, educational and equity-waiver theatres, along with one Equity production. For almost all of my career, I’ve functioned without an agent, with many of my productions resulting from “over the transom” submissions.  I love playwrights and hope I can be of some use as the ambassador for this neck of the woods.  BPH