“Ultimately, the piece is a brilliant study in the mundanity of middle class American life; the repetition, the oft-recited script that doesn’t actually require an audience, and the boredom that masks the underlying complexity. Like life itself sometimes, it’s a little unsettling and yet absurdly funny at the same time.”— Kris Noteboom, Theatre Jones– about TYLER’S MOM.

“One of Schroth’s great strengths is his subtle ability to imbue ordinary situations with extraordinary insight” –Sharp Critic

“Ben Schroth is one of the city’s playwrights who has earned a strong following. He writes sharp, touching plays…”– Lauren Smart, Dallas Observer

“Very funny, wild assed comedy. I like it.” — Matt Lyle, Playwright– about SHERLOCK HOLMES Vs. GODZILLA.

“One can only wonder what the inside of his head is like, to come up with something so brash and unapologetically crazy, able to birth a pleasing monstrosity such as this. The anarchic elements, the social commentary, and the grotesque satire combine to concoct an oddly pleasing trip that, like a drug, doesn’t last long enough and leaves the user itching for more.” —Theatre Jones on SECRETS OF MY PRISON HOUSE.

“If you enjoy tawdry, raunchy, erudite, merciless comedy that’s sharp as a scalpel and actually treats you like a grownup, go see…Ben Schroth’s LITTLE RED...” — Sharp Critic