Art Shulman


Art has many produced full-length plays including The Rabbi’s Mission; Whoopsie Doopsie!; The Rabbi & The Shiksa; The Yentas Wear Red Hats; Doubting Thomas; I’m Not Just A Comic Genius; Rebecca’s Gamble; Not One More Foot Of Land!; Bagels; Boxcar & Eugenia; Sex Is Good For You!; Old Broads Can’t Dunk; God, Bring Me A Miracle; The $4 Million Giveaway; Misconceptions; Joe Carbone’s Job; September 10; Career Day; and the musical, Trolls Stole The North Pole.
He has also had produced a whole slew of one-act plays including Waitress, Toys, Beggars, Heavens, The Actawr And The Directawr, Measuring, Pigeons, Discussion After The Play Reading, Graveside, The Rehearsal, Unity, Flowers For Adam, The Hole, At Half Time, How To Handle A Blind Date, Stung, and On A Scale Of 1 to 10.
Art also directs and acts in some of his plays, as well as others he is called on.