Arlene Jaffe

Lyricist Playwright

Born in New England and blossomed in New York City, Arlene has enjoyed a much-awarded career in advertising and branding. That's what she does for work. Writing for stage, film and song is what she does for love.


At age five, her first written monologue was from an indignant monkey launched into space. She’s come a long way since; with a boatload of short plays, long plays and everything in between…plus movie treatments, web-series and scripts.


Arlene’s play, Emigrant, about an infamous downtown building, was part of a previous East Side Stories festival at Metropolitan Playhouse.


Iriomote: Greed and ego threaten two communities, one on the Lower East Side,
one 7,0000 miles away. Again chosen for Metropolitan Playhouse this year.


Her other dramatic/comedic works include:

Anonymous: Mary Shelley’s #MeToo moment.

Search and Rescue: Three FEMA dogs at the World Trade Center.

Surrounded: One of many projects developed in BMI’s Musical Theater Workshop.

The Rock Eater: Demystification of Howard Hughes over a fifty-year time span.

North Bend: What may have led to the tragic killings in Newtown. 

83: Two strangers meet on a city bus; one from far, far away.

Rita Shalimar: An actress with big talent has big body issues.

ElliEli: White hot pain, deep black comedy.

Wine and Cookies: The prophet Elijah and Santa together in rehab.

The River Sambre: As a teenager, the artist René Magritte sees his mother drown.

Anything You Want: A student’s pivotal meeting with Norman Rockwell.


The Keys: Reverse cyborgs learn the real consequences of being human. 


Arlene is a member of The Dramatists Guild and lives in Greenwich Village.
For more info and a possible new writing gig, please feel free to email her:


Below are some very kind words about me from George Brant… author of several award-winning plays, most notably Grounded.

THE KEYS, written by Arlene Jaffe, is a finalist entry in the Atlantic Council's Art of the Future project AI-theme short play contest about the future of conflict.

The contest's final judge, playwright George Brant, remarked that THE KEYS "is buoyed by a sharp sense of humor, strong craft, and three well-defined and engaging characters. Riffing on A VISIT TO WEIZENBAUM and flipping the story to that of the AI figures was a fascinating choice and one that opened up the original while standing on its own as an engaging tale."