April Alsup

Composer Librettist Lyricist

Hello, I'm April Alsup and I enjoy writing music theatre works. I grew up near Parkersburg, West Virginia and I've always had some sort of music project going on. People label me an "American Musical Theatre Composer, Librettist and Lyricist," which seems fair, but I think that just means I like storytelling and working with a melting pot of different music genres, traditions and styles. In the last millennium I worked for MAGI, the company that produced the computer animations in the original movie TRON for Disney, and then founded Viewmark, Colorado's first web design firm. Today, I'm busy with family and friends, my musical theatre projects and supporting the Denver performing arts community as a whole. 


 In 2018, the 90 minute version of WYSIWYG the Musical premiered in New York City at the 10th Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. The show received the festival's prestigious "Greener Planet Award"  and accumulated over ten award nominations for music theatre excellence, including: five Off-Broadway Awards and seven Regional Broadway World Awards. In 2023, Eigg the Musical debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was voted "Best New Musical" by Broadway World for it's stage portrayal of the community buyout of the small Isle of Eigg.

For more information visit my website at www.alsup.org