is portfolio of dramas, screenplays, essays, and librettos consists of over seventy works. His plays have
been performed nearly 160(stagings) times, including twelve productions in  forty-five different venues.
Seventeen of his plays are available from Amazon including Eugenio, Margherita, The Agony of David, The Last Days of King Solomon, Vandergrift!, Lincoln and God, Paul,  The Eaton Woman, Charleston Revisited, The Botticelli Cruise, The Springfield Boys, The Tragedy of King Saul,  Teresa.  Visit Amazon Home Page. Six of his DVD’s are available fromAmazon.  
Mr. Gallo is Chief Executive Officer and Founding Director of Eastern Market Studios-LLCBrowns Court Publishing Company , the Seventh Street PlayhouseGallo Music Company,  Gallo Investment Company., Gallo Economics, and Gallo Journalism.  Several years ago , Mr. Gallo signed a contract with Browne-Nederlander Productions LLC for the production of Margherita in New York City. The show is in its planning stages with active participation by Stanley Browne, Robert Nederlander, Jr., David Groelinger, and Anthony E. Gallo.  
Professionally he is a member of The Dramatists Guild of America,Cosmowriters, The Cosmos Club Theater Group,  The Dramatists Guild of America in New York City, The Greenbelt Arts Center in Maryland, and the Little Theater of Alexandrain Virginia. He is a former long-time member of The Arts Club of WashingtonMr. Gallo also has also done much academic work to master the craft of playwrighting in addition to participating in hundreds of workshops, He has taken the equivalent of over 120 credit hours (the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree) in drama,  dramaturgy, and play writing at several Washington DC studios and forums.   And of course, his 17copyrighted works are his theses equivalents.  Despite these theatrical academic credits, Mr. Gallo considers himself self-taught.