Amber Frangos

Playwright Lyricist

When I attend the theatre I want to see humanity bleeding on the stage in all its beautifully flawed glory.  I want to leave the theatre a different person than when I arrived. With that thought in mind, I write plays I  want to see.  


Leo: His Journey Through Breast Cancer will be highlighted on DG Footlights March 26, 2021. Mary: Her Story (the musical) is scheduled for its world premiere May 2022 at Flashback Theater. Her 10 minute play, Here's Your Oatmeal was featured on Patreon winter 2020. Rosies: The Women Who Riveted The Nation received a grant from The Kentucky Foundation For Women for development that lead to its world debut at Flashback Theater in May 2018. Her screenplay (short), Take It For A Spin, will launch at the Autumn Shorts Film Festival at Somerset Community College in the fall of 2018. Even More Cowbell (10 minute) play was produced in the Artist Collaborative at Somerset Community College in the spring of 2017. Her current works are A Bad Day Just Got Worse, Leo: One Man’s Journey Through Breast Cancer and Mary: Her Story. In addition to being the Resident Playwright for Flashback Theater, Amber assists in artistic development and is the playwright mentor for the Let’s Play company members.