* MFA-Univ. of So. Cal.  (only female Playwright in my otherwise ALL MALE graduating Playwright Empasis Class in early ’80’s!  And I graduated Magna Cum, additionally was a REAL achievement in those years in theatre…as subsequent surveys have shown. (My one Graduate Thesis (I wrote 2 to over-achieve), I wrote a thesis entitled, “The Marketability of Female Playwrights.”

* I was also FIRST USC Interned @ Mark Taper Forum, under tutelage of Dramaturg, Russ Vandenbroucke. Stayed on as paid employee after USC Internship ended. (Because of my performance at The Taper, I’m told USC was asked for ONE Intern every year, in their Literary Dept.)

* As stated above, NOT to be redundant…and yet: First Recipient of Lillian Hellman Playwrighting Award (given by Women-in-Theatre in 1986 (year after Hellman’s death). My 10-minute entry registered “Northern Folk,” projected the Hubbards 20 years into the future, with Alexandra and Birdie, as her guardian,  travel North to Chicago, as previously was the dream of several Hubbard women in earlier parts of trilogy. (The Hellman contest I won was to judge our ability to write in a style most similar to Hellman’s). (Though ONLY after submitting my entry, I read Hellman’s biography, to find she always wanted to write 3d part of trilogy, “just ran out of time.”) . When I read this quote by her days before the 1st Hellman Winner was announced, I knew I’d won. And I did. When the phone rang, I knew what the call was.  I asked the judges if they knew Hellman always wanted to write 3d part of Trilogy, they said “no.” They based their decision entirely on my ability to best re-create Hellman’s writing style.  I put off writing the project for many years, and just this last year felt the time was ‘right.’ I’ve pitched the idea to a major actor who I feel would bring the project together. I have a theatre agent, but have another USC Grad friend who is an Entertainment Attorney, and originally reunited me with this actor friend from my youth back when I was still at USC.  After talking with her last week, she would be the one best to seal the deal.  I’ve spoken with those who hold the Estate rights; but feel the sealing of the deal would best be done WITH the actor on board I have in mind. I’ve outlined and researched this part of the trilogy, and the time is definitely right for ME, and the play.  As Hellman’s character (“Alexandra”?) says in “Foxes”…there are those who eat the dirt. And those that watch. And I will be neither.”  That SO fits this time.  The fact that I won the award the first year after Hellman died, that I was the FIRST to win what is essentially now the “Lilly”, I take as significant.  Aside from my strong ties with MGM (as Hellman had), in my bones I feel I won the award FIRST because I was Lil’s first choice. Lack of stature among more achieved playwrights aside…
Finally, that I changed my name in court to “Alexandra” numerous years before I won the “Hellman,” also makes me feel this is somehow mine to run with.  While I should’ve done it years ago, the time wasn’t right. In my bones, I believe however THAT TIME is now. Thanks for your consideration (and future votes!)