Adryan Russ

Composer Librettist Lyricist

While I am a freelance writer/editor for individual authors as well as American Bungalow magazine because I adore Craftsman homes, there's nothing I like more than writing a satisfying lyric to a composer's music, or writing music and lyrics for projects that grab my heart.  I was lucky enough to have one of those play off-Broadway, and I'm working on more. I grew up in Chicago, live in Los Angeles, while part of my heart lives in New York.  I love good, healthy food, but have been known to occasionally fall off my no-sugar bandwagon for a Haagen-Daz ice cream bar.  I was once a performing singer, but lately I find myself happiest listening to great singers perform songs I've written so I can bask in their limelight.  I feel that I'm continually in a state of becoming.