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Daniel S Kehde
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    Dan Kehde is a Charleston, WV- based playwright, librettist and director who, for the past 15 years, has served as co-founder and managing director for the The Contemporary Youth Arts Company of Charleston, WV, an organization dedicated to giving young artists hands on opportunities to bring new works to the American stage. A nearly unfunded, for profit theater company, CYAC has produced over 50 Dan Kehde works in the past 15 years including 15 new Scarpelli-Kehde musicals , more than thirty new plays and eight touring social action one-acts.
   Together with his perservering wife, Penny, Dan continues to work with the young people of CYAC while constantly striving to challenge the everchanging lists of new actors that come into the company. Dan is currently working on new pieces of musical theater with composer/collaborator Mark Scarpelli, as well as continuing to create and produce three or four new plays of his own each year.
Email: cyac2001@me.com
Member Works
101 Ways to Kill Yourself or Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Teen Suicide But Were Afraid To AskVIEW 
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Boxes Volume 1-15: The Monologue CollectionsVIEW 
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Hector's Warehouse and Other Ghost StoriesVIEW 
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Lincoln, An OperaVIEW 
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MARY, A Rock OperaVIEW 
Norman Rockwell's American Love StoryVIEW 
Norman Rockwell's American ParadiseVIEW 
Romeo and Juliet, The Rock OperaVIEW 
Sara's WindowVIEW 
Skyline DriveVIEW 
The Blob From Outer Space: The MusicalVIEW 
The Gettysburg CanonVIEW 
The Girls RoomVIEW 
The Legend of Ginger and Billy Joe: The Stock Car MusicalVIEW 
The Moment of Greatest HappinessVIEW 
The Trial of George W. BushVIEW 
The Word Is LoveVIEW 
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