The Dramatists Guild Foundation

Fellows Program

The Dramatists Guild of America is proud to have been the originator of the Dramatists Guild Fellows program.

Its mission is to enhance the sense of community among developing American dramatists by offering a year-long workshop designed to augment their training with practical experience and career information resources.

Program Chairs Michael Korie, Laurence O’Keefe and Diana Son and Program Director Sheri Wilner facilitate the critique sessions and program planning. The Fellow (or musical theater team) will also work with a mentor in one-on-one meetings to discuss the Fellow’s ongoing projects and creative concerns. In order to properly take advantage of these unique opportunities, it is expected that applicants have New York residences for the duration of their Fellowship.

The Guild will also provide each Fellow with an internship/observership opportunity with a Guild member to observe pre-production, rehearsals or previews for an upcoming production, if possible. The Dramatists Guild Foundation is now the administrator of the program – for further information about the program, please visit their website at