• Playwright
    Posted: Apr 09, 2020

    Playwright Seeking Playwright

    Hi! I am looking for an experienced Director, Dramatuge or Playwright who to help shape or finetune one (or more) of my plays so it is more commerically attractive to producers or theaters. If you go to my website LarryHassmanPlaywright.com - you will be able get a feel for my work. Take care and be well - Larry
    My work is
    Larry Hassman
    New York, NY
  • Multiple
    Posted: Apr 30, 2020

    Composer/ Lyricist Seeking Librettist/ Lyricist

    Looking for a book writer/lyricist or book writer to either work on your current ides, or some ideas and themes I have. Prefer more dramatic emotional themes regarding strength of human spirit, search for authenticity, and deeper values that can touch and serve the audience. I have a strong love of the more classical musical comedy (great melodies, harmony and lyrics) so hope to meet a more contemporary based writer to bring both our strengths together. Prefer substance over style, with the emphasis on a great story, further enhanced by the score. Can write in pop, r&b, jazz, and standard musical theater.
    My work is
    Not Yet Written
    Richard Winzeler
    Manhattan Beach, CA