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UNITED KINGDOM ONLINE: DG Footlights™ feat. Hemings and Condell (Or the Men Who Saved Shakespeare) by Martin Keady

June 03, 2020 / 07:00 PM

Please join us as the virtual DG Footlights™ series continues, celebrating new dramatic works in progress by United Kingdom based dramatists! This virtual reading will present Hemings and Condell (Or the Men Who Saved Shakespeare) by Martin Keady.

Hemings and Condell (Or the Men Who Saved Shakespeare) is the remarkable, and untold, story of John Hemings and Henry Condell, Shakespeare's best friends, fellow players and (as the joint managers of his theatre company) his "fixers", who tried to solve all his problems so that he could concentrate exclusively on writing. It is all the more relevant today, as it is ultimately about the ability of art to survive even the greatest crises, including plagues (be they actual 16th century plagues or 21st century viruses).

This reading is being mounted with the assistance of LiveBox.

DG Footlights™ is a program, created and moderated by the Dramatists Guild, that connects dramatists with free space in which to hold a public reading of a new work that is currently in development. This initiative operates on a space-grant model: a representative from the Guild will arrange for a venue to donate space during allocated dates and times, and will ensure that the space is available for dramatists to use to present a self-produced reading to the public, with an optional feedback session following the reading. Attendance is always free and open to all.


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Jordan Stovall, United Kingdom Ambassador

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