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ONLINE: Tuesday Toolbox Session, Submission Tracking Tools

June 30 2020 / 07:00 PM

Part of being a playwright is sending out scripts to people can actually read what you’ve written. But once you send it, what’s the best method or tool for tracking your submission—so you can assess the effectiveness of your marketing and also ensure that you don’t send the same script to the same place? There are multiple ways to do track script submission.

On Tuesday June 30, from 7pm to 8:30pm EDT, we will be holding a webinar, open to all Guild members, comprised of panel/demo session featuring playwrights Donna HokeMark Harvey Levine, and Patrick Gabridge, who track using different tools—Word, Excel, and Microsoft Access. Between them, these writers have sent out many thousands of scripts to theaters over the years.

Come learn their tools and methods of submission tracking, which range from the very simple to moderately complex.

Questions about this event? Please contact your Rep below.

Patrick Gabridge, New England East Regional Rep