Can I Change the Words or Music?


You may have licensed the play or musical, but it's not yours to change.


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Respect the work, respect the writer, and ask for permission. As a part of our effort to support dramatists and their allies in the fight, we created a telephone hotline and email address, where anyone can anonymously report instances of copyright infringement – the Guild will reach out to writers, licensors, and publishers of theatrical works to follow up on the reports.

To anonymously report copyright infringement, or if you don’t know where to go to request a script change, you can call the #DontChangeTheWords hotline at 1-855-71-WORDS, to leave a report via voicemail. If you send a text to that same number, you will receive a link to fill out a report online that will be shared with the Guild’s Business Affairs department. You can also email the Guild to report infringement in your area.


What is Copyright?

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