• Devised Theatre Contract: Collaboration Agreement Solely Between Writers
    This model should be used when all of the participants in the devised process are writers (alternatively, “ensemble members”).
  • Devised Theatre Contract: Preliminary Agreement to Participate
    This model agreement should be used when a group of individuals (alternatively, “creators”) begins a collaborative process without first knowing who the authors will be.
  • Devised Theatre Contract: Production Agreement
    This agreement can be used when it comes time to present the devised work before a live audience.
  • DG Guide for Dramatists: The Art of Negotiating Theatre Contracts

    We know it can feel daunting to negotiate with a producer, theatre, school, college, or university that wants to produce your play or musical.

  • DG Inclusion Rider

    Free download for members and non-members. The first of its kind in the theatre industry, the Dramatists Guild Inclusion Rider is intended to be a model addendum that will enable you to ask

  • Find a Collaborator
    Theatre is undoubtedly a team sport. We're here to help you find great teammates. Whether it's someone with a different skill set - i.e., a librettist to your composer, a lyricist to your playwright - or maybe someone with a similar background, our service exists to help build lifelong creative partnerships.
  • Form of Commission Agreement for Plays and Musicals
    Agreement between a commissioning producer and author(s) to write and revise a play or musical.
  • Form of Licensing Agreement
    A basic license, it grants the rights for a producer to produce a production without granting the subsidiary rights or future options.
  • Form of Underlying Rights for Musicals
    Form of an option agreement used for an author to obtain the basic right to adapt a work as a musical from an existing work in which a second author holds copyright.