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  • Collaboration Agreement for Musicals
    Form agreement for collaboration between authors writing a musical.
  • Collaboration Agreement for Plays
    Form agreement for collaboration between authors writing a straight play.
  • Considerations for Director Agreements
    For the rare circumstances in which a director's extraordinary contributions to a work transcend dramaturgy, and the author elects to assign a portion of the work's future revenues to the director.
  • Devised Theatre Contract: Preliminary Agreement to Participate
    This model agreement should be used when a group of individuals (alternatively, “creators”) begins a collaborative process without first knowing who the authors will be.
  • Devised Theatre Production Agreement
    This agreement can be used when it comes time to present the devised work before a live audience.
  • Devised Theatre: Collaboration Agreement Between Writers and Non-Writers
    This model represents a process in which one or more writer(s) (alternatively, principal devisors, delegates, or lead writers) collaborate with one or more non-writers to create a new work.
  • Devised Theatre: Collaboration Agreement Solely Between Writers
    This model should be used when all of the participants in the devised process are writers (alternatively, “ensemble members”).
  • DG Career Profile

    Only Members, Student Members and Estate Members have the benefit of a profile in the Member Directory. This is not a member benefit for Associates or Student Associates.

  • DG Copyright Management (DGCM)
    The DG©M is an estate planning consultancy and intellectual property management program created by the Dramatists Guild of America to oversee the stewardship of your plays, songs and musicals.
  • DG Elections
    The Guild is governed by a board of directors (Council) elected from its membership.