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The DG©M is an estate planning consultancy and intellectual property management program created by the Dramatists Guild of America to oversee the stewardship of your plays, songs and musicals.  Established as a NY “public purpose” corporation, the DG©M’s primary objective is the protection of your authorial intent. Therefore, we have a greater duty to your artistic legacy than heirs, trustees, agents or publishers may have who could choose to put profits first, or may simply not have the time, interest or expertise to make the important creative decisions about your art.

The DG©M manages the works that you’ve bequeathed to the Dramatists Guild, or to one of its affiliated non-profit sister organizations (including the Dramatists Guild Foundation, The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund, and The Lillys), by working with your publishers and agents and by allowing your fellow writers on the Guild’s governing council to act as your proxy whenever authorial approvals are required. 

In this way, you can ensure that dramatists are the ones making the artistic decisions about your work forever after, and that the revenues generated by your properties (whether that includes your entire literary and musical output or a single play, musical, or song) will go to help support the mission of the Guild and the generations of playwrights, librettists, lyricists and composers to come. You can even make a portion of the revenues payable to a different beneficiary under your will, if that better suits your estate planning needs.


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