Devised Theatre Resource Manual


Devised Theatre Resource Manual

The Devised Theatre Committee and Business Affairs Department are proud to announce the availability of four contract models designed specifically for devised theater, a Collaboration Agreement Solely Between Writers, a Preliminary Agreement to Participate, a Collaboration Agreement Between Writers and Non-Writers and a Devised Theatre Production Agreement. Accompanying the contract models is an innovative Devised Theater Resource Manual, which includes, among other things, an explanation of legal principles, discussions about craft, and a glossary of terms.

These materials are the first of their kind. Inside the manual, you will find resources designed to help you form appropriate relationships with co-authors, devisors, and sponsoring theatres in the context of devised theater. None of these materials is intended to limit the collaborative spirit found in devised theatre. Rather, they were created to help authors pre-serve their rights to authorial owner-ship and control, rights that have been established under law and in industry practice for at least a century.

Authors who possess a firm grasp of their rights are often more successful in negotiating a fair contract. We encourage you to bring this document into the negotiation room for your refer-ence. As an additional resource, we have included several articles in this manual that were previously published in The Dramatist. These articles offer a deeper look into some of the issues faced by authors in devised theatre.

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