Constant Contact

Dramatists Guild members are now entitled to 20%-40% discounts off of subscriptions to Constant Contact Email and Digital Marketing Services, plus an additional 30% off for the first three months of any new account activation. Constant Contact is an online tool that helps businesses and individuals with email marketing via newsletters, event invitations, tracking/analytics, and more.

Playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists might find this digital tool to be a useful means through which to notify supporters of upcoming events, share invitations, and/or maintain a newsletter that showcases their work as writers. View All Constant Contact Features.

DG members are eligible to receive the following discounts: 

  • 20% off a subscription paying monthly; 
  • 30% off a subscription paying every six months; 
  • 40% off a subscription paying annually, or every 12 months; 
  • PLUS an extra 30% off on top of these savings for new accounts with Constant Contact for the first three months. 

DG members will also receive: 

  • A consultation with Constant Contact on which services might be most beneficial for their specific needs, and the ins and outs of how to use those services; 
  • Access to the Constant Contact Coaching Team for education and learning; 
  • Access to Constant Contact's full video library and education/resource center; 
  • Ongoing coaching and support; 
  • Direct access to Constant Contact support as a partner member. (Please note this access is applicable during Constant Contact's regular business hours, Monday through Friday.)