Thank you for starting your Dramatists Guild membership application. Payment towards your member dues is required when you submit your application.You may elect to pay your annual dues monthly, on with an annual recurring payment or a one-time payment each year by credit or debit card. Paying by check is also an option after your first year of membership.

Once submitted, each application is reviewed and, if eligible for membership, approved. Once approved, The Dramatists Guild will provide you full access to Guild services. Please anticipate 1-2 business days after your application is received before full access is provided. If for any reason your application is denied, a full refund will be provided to you.

What are my obligations as a DG member?

When you join the Dramatists Guild of America, you are joining a voluntary membership association, not a labor union. As such, no one is required to join the Guild in order to have a work produced and no one is entitled to be a Guild member, regardless of their production history. As a member, and as a condition of your continued membership in the organization, you are pledging to pay the Guild’s annual dues, including any additional assessments that pertain to Broadway productions, and abide by all the other obligations and conditions that are specified under the Guild’s Constitution and Bylaws. You are also promising to join your fellow members as part of a community of dramatists that are working together for your mutual protection and benefit.

What supporting materials must I submit with my application?

You must submit supporting materials to validate your position as a writer for the theatre. A theatrical resume or cv is not allowed to be submitted as your sole supporting material. The burden of proof is on the applicant. It is not the responsibility of the guild to research your writing or production history. You may submit the following:

For those applying to become a MEMBER:

Eligible applicants have had a full production performed in front of a paying audience OR a script published by a recognizable/known publishing/licensing house. Please submit a program, poster, a review link or a link to the published work. A clear photo of the published work is acceptable.

For those applying to become an ASSOCIATE:

Eligible applicants have written a completed script. Please submit the completed script with your name on the cover page or a program from a staged reading or workshop. A program is preferred.

Those applying with a STUDENT DISCOUNT:

We have no student members only student discounts. Active students must meet the above requirements for their respective level, submit proof of active student status AND submit the appropriate member level supporting materials. Students must provide a graduation date when filling out the application. Students can apply for any level they choose and receive a 50% discount on dues for the duration of their education.

For those applying to become an ESTATE MEMBER:

Eligible applicants have permission to act on behalf of the individual or the Estate.


What are the accepted file formats for supporting materials?

You may submit .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, or .tiff files. Do not submit proprietary file formats such as Final Draft.

Do you have additional questions about Guild membership?

Contact us.