DG Announces: A New Webinar Series

First photo: Stephanie Ybarra. Second photo: Leisl Tommy.

DG Announces: A New Webinar Series

Take Control: Leadership & Management Tools for Dramatists

  • What does the new tax law mean to dramatists?
  • Should you form an LLC?
  • What impact will recent seismic changes in artistic leadership have on new work being created in America?
  • How can writers become Artistic Directors? And why doesn’t that happen more often?

The Dramatists Guild, in association with New Dramatists, The Lark, and SDC, presents a series of webinars designed to arm writers with the tools they need to take control of their careers (and their finances).

Feb 5 – THE MORE THINGS CHANGE: Shifting the Narrative on Who Gets to Lead
Feb 13 – ADDING IT ALL UP: New Tax Strategies for Artists
March 1 – CAREER SPOTLIGHT: Writer as Artistic Director

One-on-One Conversation with Liesl Tommy and Stephanie Ybarra

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE: Shifting the Narrative on Who Gets to Lead.

Large nonprofit theatres across the U.S. are experiencing a sea change of transition in their artistic leadership posts. Today, only about 25% of those posts are held by women, and fewer still by people of color. What are the root causes, from a practicing artist standpoint? How will the theatre industry move beyond just planning for diversity, equity, and inclusion, towards implementing these values? And when will they be reflected in the field’s highest and most prominent positions?

Join SDCF Executive Director David Roberts on Monday, February 5 at 5pm as he sits down with director Liesl Tommy and artistic producer Stephanie Ybarra as they explore the intersections of women, people of color, and leadership in American theatre and discuss how they are actively changing the game. This One-on-One is presented in association with Dramatists Guild of America.

To register for this webinar: CLICK HERE.