ATLANTA: Two New Ambassadors

ATLANTA: Two New Ambassadors

Atlanta Regional Rep Pamela Turner is excited to introduce Laura King and John Patrick Bray as our new regional Ambassadors. Both accomplished artists and serious go-getters, they have come on board to help carry out our 2018/2019 plan for expanding DG programming more fully throughout the state of Georgia, as well as for increasing collaboration with our Rep partners, and members, throughout the Southeast. King and Bray are taking over for Rachel Graft Evans who, after adding a definite sparkle to our local events, has moved on to Philadelphia and graduate work at Temple University.

With King and Bray on board since September 27, the first item on our agenda is building up our local community, including beefing up our Facebook presence, and other social media connections. We will also be experimenting with online discussions and Town Hall meetings, via Zoom, so that we come to you, rather than vice-versa. That said, we’ll also travel to places around the state (and Atlanta, too) to organize events that work best with real bodies in a room.

So now, the first thing that Atlanta Region members can do is to open the emails that they receive from the Dramatists Guild. We’ll be sending out a link to join our refurbished FB group soon, along with news about how to sign up for the next leg of the DG Writers Group Workshop, and about how to share ideas with “neighbor” artists who are working in different disciplines.

A little more about our Ambassadors:

Laura King is a playwright, dramaturg, editor, and director. She holds an MFA in playwriting (with a concentration in dramaturgy) from Hollins University, and is a member of the Dramatists Guild, Working Title Playwrights, and the Southeastern Theatre Conference (where she serves on the Publications Committee). Her full-length plays Independence Day at Happy Meadows and The Harmony Baptist Church Ladies Auxiliary Christmas Jubilee are available for licensing through Stage Rights. Her plays for young actors are available through YouthPLAYS. Laura likes to write on serious subject matters in non-serious ways. In the words of Madeleine L’Engle, “A good laugh heals a lot of hurt.”

John Patrick Bray is a playwright, professor, screenwriter, scholar, anthology editor, identical twin, and (once upon a time) an award-winning bagel baker. He is also a resident playwright with Rising Sun Performance Company in NYC, an assistant professor at UGA, a founding member of the Athens Playwrights’ Workshop, and a proud member of The Dramatists Guild. Among other projects, his award-winning feature film Liner Notes, (co-developed with his brother) was screened at the Woodstock Film Festival and the Hoboken International Film Festival, along with other venues. He writes dark-yet-hopeful comedies dealing with serious topics where we watch broken characters try to overcome obstacles using humor and magic. His plays (letters to the world) are fairytales for grown-ups. He is a lifelong fan of Tom Waits, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, and black-and-white horror movies.

Pamela Turner
Atlanta Regional Rep