What happens when the collaboration expands beyond our traditional definitions?

International Devised Theatre Conference Banner

Theatre has always been a collaborative process. What happens when there are not one or two authors, but five or ten? How can we best honor contributions of non-authorial contributors within a devised process? Who is in control? What is there to be in control of? How can we assure proper compensation and credit to all? These questions have been at the center of the conversation for over two years via the DG’s Devised Theatre Committee.

In an effort to continue the conversation and build community, the Guild held an International Devised Theatre Mini-Conference, as a part of its Dramatists Guild 2018 National Conference.

Panel discussions were geared towards writers, actors, directors, and creatives working in devised theatre and shed some light on this burgeoning form of theatre. Guests and heard about the innovative resources recently promulgated by the Dramatists Guild. In attendance were representatives from the Playwrights Guild of Canada, The Swedish Drama Guild, and the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain as well as guests from The Public Theater, Tectonic Theater Group, Pig Iron, and others. 

Interested in having a Devised presentation done in your community? In-person or over video conference? Contact the Guild below.