Dramatists Legal Defense Fund

The advancement of our society relies on the unfettered expression of words. So to defend them, the Dramatists Guild has formed the Dramatists Legal Defense Fund (DLDF).

Because words matter.  Join the fight.

The DLDF, formed as a nonprofit arm of the Dramatists Guild of America, advocates on behalf of you, of theaters, audiences, and all those in the culture at large who are confronting censorship on stages across America. As well, we are here to defend indigent artists who cannot defend themselves.

The DLDF’s mission includes educating about the importance to our society of an ever-expanding public domain and a proper administration of the copyright laws that serve to ensure it. We are here to inform theater professionals and students about the fair practices that have evolved in the industry in order to protect your dramatic works.


Let us know…If you are aware of a dispute in your community that deals with these types of issues, please inform us;

Invite us…If you are a part of an academic institution or nonprofit theater organization, invite your playwrights and your staff attorneys to talk and discuss these issues with your community; and

Join us…If you are an attorney, or know of any, or are aware of any legal service group that would offer pro bono or discounted representation on these sorts of issues, please allow us to include them in our national legal services directory.

For more information, visit www.dldf.org.