Political Engagement Initiative

Political Engagement Initiative

The Political Engagement Initiative (PEI) is a creation of the Dramatists Guild of America that seeks to build a broadly inclusive national network of theatre-centered communities, finding and sharing ways of harnessing their local power to influence the systems that govern the ways in which we do our work.

Jenna Chrisphonte Director of Community Engagement
Jenna Chrisphonte Director of Community Engagement

The PEI is focused on the political and institutional systems and communities that, taken together, form the context in which theatre is made. The issues addressed by the PEI are identified by Dramatists Guild members themselves, individually and/or in community. The PEI does not set the agenda, but serves as a connector of playwrights to other playwrights with similar concerns, and to resources, organizations, and strategies to aid dramatists and their communities in taking action on their own behalf. It is a non-partisan tool of local empowerment.

The concerns of membership determine the PEI’s agenda and members spur the initiatives taken up by the PEI.  When issues brought to the attention of the PEI align with DG imperatives, the DG might take an official position on some of them. On others, the DG will remain neutral, either because they fall outside of the DG’s scope of concern or because in some cases they run counter to DG imperatives. The PEI will not support activities that harm, endanger, or denigrate fellow DG members.

The PEI does not, and never will, involve itself with the content of plays. The goal of the PEI is to aid our members in strengthening the communities in which they work and live, so they can better support, defend, and value the idiosyncratic, independent, and original voices in their midst.

Email me at jchrisphonte@dramatistsguild.com or CLICK HERE to become involved.

Jenna Chrisphonte
Director of Community Engagement
DG Political Engagement Committee

Get Your Theatre Involved in #PlayOurPart

As theatre seasons launch around the country, we who work at theatres have an opportunity to play a meaningful part in the democratic process. Many of us already experience high foot-traffic in our lobbies six days a week. We are in a natural position to offer this public service to our audiences. #PlayOurPart represents a nonpartisan effort to increase voter participation in the upcoming election, and in all elections, by offering pre-show voter registration in theatre lobbies.

Creating a voter registration event at your theatre is easier than you might think! Whether you want to organize a one-time event, or offer pre-show voter registration on a regular basis, we offer the following as a toolkit for your planning process.

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Regional Voter Registration

In fulfilling its mission, the Dramatists Guild recognizes that much of the creative work of authorship is undertaken in isolation, so the Guild fosters a sense of union and community among its members in order to enrich, inspire, and empower them to advocate for themselves, for their work, and for each other. In this way, Guild members come to realize that if they do not advance together, they do not advance at all.

The Dramatists Guild seeks members to volunteer to organize voter registration drives in their local theatres and communities. The only requirement is a love for theatre and a commitment to bringing people together.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Run voter registration tables in partnership with local theatres and other community based organizations
  • Use social media creatively to encourage contacts to register to vote
  • Attend and promote community forums, social events, town hall, and other local activities

If you would like to volunteer, or nominate someone to participate, please contact Jenna Chrisphonte, Director of Community Engagement, at jchrisphonte@dramatistsguild.com or CLICK HERE.

Times Square Voter Registration:

June 11, 2019
June 13, 2019
June 18, 2019
June 20, 2019
June 25, 2019
June 27, 2019